Knicks GM Glen Grunwald Hid in Hotel Room to Avoid Lin Offer Sheet

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Knicks GM Glen Grunwald
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You know those stories you hear about the tactics that deadbeat dads will take in order to avoid being served papers so they don’t have to pay child support? Well, apparently New York Knicks GM  Glen Grunwald may be watching too much reality TV, because he did something very similar to avoid being served with Jeremy Lin’s offer sheet, according to New York Daily News reporter Frank Isola:



Aside from the obvious comedy that comes to mind when imagining a general manager trying to avoid being served papers, I would imagine there is some unwritten rule being violated here. It is obvious that for one reason or another, Grunwald and the Knicks were stalling for time on the Lin offer. If you know anything about NBA Commissioner David Stern, you know he doesn’t really tolerate…well…much of anything, let alone a possible ethical violation.

It will certainly be interesting to see if anything else comes from this story, or if it just gets swept to the side. The Linsanity continues.

By: Frank Santos- Assistant Site Manager

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