Grant Hill will take a pay cut for a contender

  • Mark Evans

When free agency begins at 12:01, Grant Hill’s phone will certainly be ringing. And according to sources, Hill is willing to take less money to sign with a contender without much financial flexibility.

The 39 year old veteran played in Phoenix the last few seasons, but it seems unlikely that he’ll return for another year, especially if Steve Nash leaves. Hill has been a productive player despite his age, and his services will be desired by several contenders looking for a solid defender and some wing depth.

Reportedly, the Miami Heat have interest in the veteran. This is curious, because the Heat already have Shane Battier, who is very similar to Hill at this point in their careers.

Hill’s decision could have a significant impact on several teams, as everyone is always looking for solid wing players who can defend multiple decisions.

After injuries derailed his extremely promising career years ago, Hill has found the fountain of youth recently. That being said, it’s unlikely anyone will give him more than a one or two year commitment.

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