Greg Oden has microfracture surgery: Out for the remainder of the season (again)

As if Greg Oden hasn’t had it rough enough. The 7 footer is sidelined for the season, yet again, after a minor procedure on his knee turned into his 3rd microfracture procedure since being the #1 overall pick in 2007.

Oden who has played in just 82 games since entering the league 3 years ago, will once again have to weigh his options.

This will be the 3rd time the 23 year old has had this procedure on his knee. Twice on the left knee and once on the right knee.

The shame of the situation is that Oden has so much young, untapped potential in a league starving for quality big men. The Portland Trail Blazers will likely look at other long-term options at this point. To think they could have drafted Kevin Durant.

One Response to Greg Oden has microfracture surgery: Out for the remainder of the season (again)

  • Bob says:

    Blazers are famous for good choices…. LaRue Martin, not taking Jordan, not taking Durant, taking a coke head (rainman), sending away a good guard for a turnover freak, and keeping the current coach….

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