Gregg Popovich: I’m Still Learning How To Use Boris Diaw

  • Mark Evans

This is Boris Diaw’s third season with the San Antonio Spurs, and he has turned into an important clog in their rotation. After being cut by the miserable Charlotte Bobcats, many wondered exactly what the future would hold for Diaw.

Diaw’s well-rounded game has made him quite the weapon for Gregg Popovich. He does so many things well, and while he’ll never necessarily be great at anything, his versatility puts plenty of pressure on opposing defenses.

In fact, Diaw is so balanced, Pop is still trying to figure out what to do with him.

When the best coach of the league has words like this about you, you’re probably doing pretty well.

We’ll see how Pop decides to utilize Diaw against the Miami Heat. When Miami goes small, which is often, Diaw is versatile enough to serve as the lone big or as a stretch four. He guarded LeBron James often last year, and did an admirable job.


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