High School Star Aaron Gordon Gets Hung At The McDonald’s All-American Game

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The Arizona Wildcats just landed Aaron Gordon, a high school phenom from San Jose area a day before the McDonald’s All-American game.  Gordon is aaronthe fourth ranked prospect on ESPN top 100 this past week.   Gordon has been compared by many as the next Blake Griffin, because of his high-flying dunks and low post moves.

The McDonalds All-American game has showcased plenty of superstars that went on to have successful careers at the collegiate and pro levels.  This basketball game has produced some of the greatest players we have ever seen.  From Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant to name a few.  Wednesday night Aaron Gordon had a chance to establish himself amongst the elite, legendary players.  Only one problem, instead of throwing down one of his famous dunks, he ended up picking himself off the floor.  Take a look.

Well, lets don’t get to hasty with all the Blake Griffin comparison, looks like our phenom has a little more seasoning to go through.  Then again, he may fit perfectly in this past NBA Dunk Contest, go figure.



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