Houston Rockets looking to deal Luis Scola

  • Mark Evans

After piling up first round draft picks in an unsuccessful effort to acquire big man Dwight Howard, it seems as if the Houston Rockets are still staying busy. The news this time regards their starting power forward, Luis Scola.

The Rockets are looking to deal Scola following a draft where they infused their roster with some younger, cheaper talent. Royce White and Terrence Jones would be replacements for Scola if they can find a trade partner.

Scola is certainly a productive player, averaging 16 points and 7 rebounds. However, Scola is owed about $20 million over the next season. At this point, Houston is looking to go with a youth movement and develop the team for the future, and Scola just doesn’t fit into that mold.

Potential trade partners are unclear at this moment, although guards Kyle Lowry and Kevin Martin may be packaged along with Scola to push a deal through.

Scola was part of the deal last year involving Chris Paul that was nixed by David Stern, which would have sent Scola to the Hornets.

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