Iman Shumpert gets Amar’e Stoudemire parody Twitter account suspended

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Shumpert at the Epix Premiere. (Credit: Zimbio)

Coming off a season that gave their fans a lot of hope for the future, the New York Knicks looked like a sporadic group at times on the court. But one thing is for certain: the Knicks are the type of team that play for one another, and they all care about each other off the court.

This was evident recently when Iman Shumpert took major offense to a Twitter parody account of his friend and teammate, Amar’e Stoudemire. The account @AmarKnee didn’t speak too highly of Stoudemire, which upset Shump. He sent the user a direct message, the user retweeted the message, and after another heated reply from Shumpert, the account was suspended.

Take a look at the DM and Tweets below:


Good for Shumpert. It’s nice to see a teammate coming to the defense of another. These guys aren’t super heroes, they are human beings and friends. Shump seems like the kind of guy you’d want to go to war with, and he just proved he’s the type of teammate his guys can rely on on the court, as well as off of it.

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