Isiah Thomas weighs in on LeBron’s leg cramp

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Isiah Thomas is easily one of the best players to ever suit up in the NBA, and he’s coming to the defense of LeBron James, after James suffered leg cramps that prevented him from finishing game one of the NBA Finals, or Thursday night, in San Antonio.

Isiah even mentioned the fact that Michael Jordan couldn’t have played through the ailment. Which was obviously everyone’s go-to comment when LeBron was unable to continue playing. Social media blew up, with comments on how MJ would have never let leg cramps keep him from playing.

“There is no athlete on the planet who could’ve played through those cramps,” Thomas told Yahoo Sports. “Michael Jordan absolutely couldn’t have played through those cramps. I absolutely couldn’t have played through those cramps. As an athlete, there’s nothing you could do.”

Now, we all know that Isiah and Michael have an interesting past, but that doesn’t change the fact that Isiah’s thoughts are backed up by fellow athletes on Twitter.

So, before you go believing that Isiah’s comments are simply a way to keep Jordan from receiving more praise, read up on leg cramps and form your own opinion. Playing with flu-like symptoms, and not being able to move your leg are two completely different things. Apples and oranges, but people generally find it easy to dislike LeBron James.

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