J.J. Redick says he could beat both Shane Battier and Mike Dunleavy in Jeopardy

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A competitive game of Jeopardy seems to be on the horizon

The Duke trio of J.J. Redick, Shane Battier and Mike Dunleavy are in a battle of who would win in a game of Jeopardy. It probably would be more competitive than the current Milwaukee/Miami first round playoff series the three are currently involved in. Of course barring an upset for the ages, Battier is likely to win that outcome, but could he back up his claim he made earlier this season about being able to beat any NBA player in a game of Jeopardy? Redick and Dunleavy disagree.

Via NBA insider, Chris Tomasson:

Miami’s Battier said earlier this season he could beat any NBA player in Jeopardy! Milwaukee’s Dunleavy then came back to see he could beat Battier.

“Actually, I would beat them both,’’ said Redick, who played at Duke from 2002-06, arriving the season after Dunleavy left and two seasons after Battier said.

But if Redick had to go with either Battier or Dunleavy?

“I’m going to go with Mike,” Redick said. “I think Shane’s reasoning was that his pop culture is better, which is just so random. I don’t buy that.’’

Shane Battier will get the last laugh as his Miami Heat will be moving on to the next series while Redick and Dunleavy will be heading for an offseason with plenty of time to brushen up on their Jeopardy.

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