J.R. Smith and Brandon Jennings have Twitter beef over younger brother

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The New York Knicks have been talked about for all the wrong reasons so far this year. One of those reasons has centered around the Knicks brass deciding to keep J.R. Smith‘s younger brother, Chris. Many NBA aficionados believe that this was a “handshake” deal when the Knicks were in negotiations to bring back J.R. last summer. Regardless of the reason, Chris is on the team and nearly everyone can agree that he just isn’t an NBA player. In addition, the last thing this current Knicks team needs is a perimeter player that shot 1-7 in 20 minutes during the preseason. They need a big man who can help out with the front line until Tyson Chandler gets back.

Enter quirky point guard Brandon Jennings from the Detroit Pistons. Jennings said what everyone has either thought or said themselves, but J.R. Smith (who is more quirky than Jennings) took exception to Jennings tweets about his brother being in the NBA.


On Wednesday, Jennings sent out the following tweet, which was later deleted: “Wait wait wait JR smith brother is in the NBA but @PoohJeter & @BBROWNLAU isn’t. Call me hater but not Rollin!!!”

Shortly after the Knicks’ win over the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night, J.R. Smith responded with a tweet appearing to threaten to send his “street homies” to Detroit, presumably to confront Jennings.

Smith also wrote that he had “no respect” for Jennings.

Ah, Twitter. The gift that keeps on giving!


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  • JR you sound just like Kevin Ware, who recently tweeted he was going to put 5 bullets in Anthony Davis’ head and then deleted that and the rest of his thug tweets and then University of Louisville said Kevin didn’t do it–his Twitter account was hacked. Yeah, right. Coach Fifteeno luvs his thugs.

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