J.R. Smith Is “100 Percent” Confident The Knicks Will Win It All In 2014

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image from nydailynews.com

image from nydailynews.com

Over these past couple of weeks, J.R. Smith has been dousing the fire between the Knicks and Nets with gasoline in an attempt to make the rivalry between the two New York City teams even more heated than before. Marc Berman of the New York Post is reporting:

During a question-and-answer session with kid golfers at Chelsea Piers, Smith was asked how sure he was of the Knicks ending their title drought this season.

“I’m 100 percent sure,” the swingman said.

Smith was then asked why he joined the Knicks over the Nets when he came back from China in February 2012.

“The Nets weren’t good,’’ Smith said. “Now they’re still not good.’’

On the court, J.R. Smith takes his share of wild shots and more often than not catches fire and in the process takes over the game. However, sometimes his aggressive shooting can get him into a funk and can end up hurting his team. Just like his shooting, Smith’s words aren’t spoken with any regard for what will happen in the future, and instead only are based off his immediate thoughts and feelings. Sometimes these words can be used to fuel and motivate his team, and other times they can be used to distract his team and end up hurting them.  As for this particular incident, I can say for sure that his words will  hurt his team by motivating his opponents. Especially the hometown rival Nets.

Talking championship sounds good in September, but once the season starts, all this talk will do is just paint a larger target on the back of the Knicks, who quite honestly have no good reason to have a target on their backs in the first place. They are a completely overrated and overhyped team that isn’t going to contend for a championship no matter how much J.R. Smith tries to build them up. The fact of the matter is that they are too disjointed and too clumsy of a team to come together and magically make a run to the NBA Finals, which makes his bold prediction come off as delusional and idiotic.

As for his comments about the Nets, all I can say is the Nets have actually made some significant changes to their team which might result in a championship or at least a trip to the conference finals. As for the Knicks, the addition of Metta World Peace doesn’t exactly make me like their chances of winning a title any more than last season.

To sum this all up, both of Smith’s comments are wrong. The Knicks aren’t winning an NBA Championship and the Nets actually have a chance to contend this season. If Smith wants to do something to help his team, then he should shut his mouth and instead focus on rehabbing his knee so that he can be back to start the season. If he wants to continue to distract his team and attract the attention of the media, then he should continue to babble on and on about the aimless notions that spawn in his kooky brain.

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2 Responses to J.R. Smith Is “100 Percent” Confident The Knicks Will Win It All In 2014

  • One other thing is true, you know nothing about what you’re talking about.
    The Knicks were said to be overrated last season and came in 2nd in the east.
    The Nets were said to be championship contenders last season and was knocked out in the 1st round. Who was overrated? The Knicks made some good additions considering the money they had to spend. The Nets made some good additions adding some known superstars. Too bad two of those superstars are ready for social security, one returning player (Joe Johnson) gets lost when the going gets tough, Lopez is soft as drugstore cotton and DWill is injury prone. If the point goes down so does their season. Now, I don’t think the Knicks are championship bound this season but I’ll bet they do better than the Nets. I believe you will be one of the people eating crow come playoff time.

    • Jason Whitney


      I’m a HUGE Knicks fan and even I think you went a little too far here. Who was saying the Nets were legit title contenders last year? I didn’t hear or see anyone saying Nets were legit title contenders. However you are right with people saying the Knicks were overrated and saying they were an old trainwreck. Funny we don’t hear those people speak out about how they were wrong about that. But KG and Pierce can still contribute and those are good pickups. Don’t be a homer, if the Knicks brought those two to New York I bet you’d be stoked. If they can all stay healthy they will contend. I think the biggest real question, is if Jason Kidd is ready to lead a team deep into the playoffs being a rookie head coach

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