J.R. Smith to Twitter hater: “You look like a man”

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J.R. Smith told a Twitter hater just how he felt about her

Love him or hate him, J.R. Smith does provide a lot of comedy. Albeit unintentional the majority of the time, Smith has a rather unique way with expressing his feelings via Twitter. We all remember his famous “You trying to get the pipe” tweet to a follower who told J.R. she was coming to the game. But that’s not all, Smith has been fined by the NBA in the past for declaring war on Brandon Jennings and also posting a photo of a women in a thong. You get the point. If you didn’t know by Smith’s actions on the court that he is also a loose cannon off the court, you certainly do now. This leads to the latest J.R. tweet, which of course, didn’t disappoint.


I don’t blame these athletes for responding to the criticism they receive from fans on social media. We see all the time athletes getting threats, insults and just plain hatred from internet bullies. J.R. Smith probably doesn’t hear this very often, but job well-done sir.

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