J.R. Smith’s dad defends his late night partying

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J.R. Smith’s dad came to his defense about his partying
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Much has been made of J.R. Smith and his clubbing habits. Earlier this year, Smith claimed he that he partied too much last season when he joined the Knicks half way through the truncated NBA season. Well, it seems old habits never die as J.R. Smith was seen at Jay-Z’s, 40/40 club before Game 1 of the New York Knicks’ game against the Indiana Pacers, their second round opponent. That led to some criticism for the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year winner, but that didn’t deter him from doing what he does best…partying!

After the Knicks’ Game 2 romping over the Indiana Pacers, Smith put on his partying shoes yet again as he was seen with singer, Rihanna. I guess most of us would take up the offer to go out with Rihanna for the night, so it’s hard to judge him for that.  Add to boot the  Knicks have three days off between Game 2 and Game 3  and it doesn’t seem like a huge deal. However, when you’re struggling like Smith is, you probably should be in the gym getting shots up. To be fair to Smith, he probably thinks taking shots at the club and putting up shots in the gym are the same thing.

Smith’s dad came to the rescue though as he defended his son.

after his 3 of 15 G 2 brickfest which came on the heels of his 40/40 appearance late Saturday night before G 1. Of course, no one would care if Smith was on fire instead of misfiring. “My thing is, those people need to get off the computer and let professional athletes be professional athletes,’’ Earl told me. “If they want to go out on a Saturday night, who gives a damn? Who cares? How come you don’t hear about LeBron [James] after he loses? You don’t think LeBron went out the other night [in Miami]? Leave the professional athletes alone. They know what they’re doing.”

Fair point, but LeBron isn’t shooting below the fahrenheit freezing point either. For Smith’s sake, lets hope he curtails the partying and focuses on just hoops for the remainder of the playoffs.

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