James Johnson Beats Knicks With Buzzer Beater

  • Mark Evans

The  New York Knicks have had their fair share of buzzer beaters this season. Tonight, they happened to be on the wrong side of one.

After admirably fighting back to briefly have a lead, James Johnson of the Sacramento Kings won the game with a buzzer beating three-pointer to seal a victory. you can watch the shot below:

Yes, this is the same James Johnson who was 0-11 from the three-point line before this game.

Sometimes, you just have to tip your hat when your opponent does something like that. But you have to think that the Knicks liked their chances when they saw James Johnson lining up for three.

-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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One Response to James Johnson Beats Knicks With Buzzer Beater

  • Yea, yea, they fought back, but why do they even get in that position? Time and time again they’re reminded about not playing down to their opponent. It must stop if they truly want to be considered one of the contenders . They can’t blame this on the coach or the missing players, the only blame is their pride. I’m a die hard Knick fan but I have been pissed a few times while watching them play lately. Rationalizing for them, picking excuses out of the sky. The lack of any kind of interior defense is not a lack of talent but a lack of effort and desire. How do you play extreme elite defense one night and forget how to do it the next night. EFFORT, PRIDE and MOTIVATION is lacking from this team. I keep hearing that well, they’re still near the top of their conference, sure they are but for how long? Lets go Knicks!

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