Jason Kidd arrested on drunken driving


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After recently signing with the New York Knicks, veteran point guard Jason Kidd has some legal issues on his hand.

Early Sunday morning, the 39 year old was arrested for DWI, according to SB Nation. You may remember the incident in 2001, where Jason Kidd was charged with domestic violence.

He just signed a 3 year, $9.5 million deal with the New York Knicks. It was widely believed that after the Mavericks struck out on Deron Williams, the team would simply resign Jason Kidd. He surprised everyone when it was announced that he would go to the Big Apple.

Details are still fuzzy on this report, but we will certainly keep our eyes peeled.This could certainly add some drama to the New York Knicks this season as Jason Kidd may be going through yet another legal issue.

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2 Responses to Jason Kidd arrested on drunken driving

  • cmaglaughlin says:

    I remember years ago when it first became public knowledge of Jason’s first troubled marriage. I then became an ex-fan of his. He was a complete jerk and train wreck towards his wife and family. I can just see “The Garden” without Jeremy Lin, let alone having to contend with “we could have had Linsanity” instead of this “loser.” So goes idiots, who can easily afford body guards and drivers to take them everywhere, who refuse because they are just basically dumb jocks who never matured past adolescence.

    • cmaglaughlin says:

      to add: “Multiple witnesses tell TMZ … NBA star Jason Kidd appeared to be so drunk in the moments leading up to his DWI arrest … that he had to be carried out of the club he spent the night partying at.

      TMZ has obtained a photo of the all-star point guard being carried out of a club called SL East. Multiple witness tell TMZ that Kidd appeared “incredibly drunk” — so much so that at one point he tried to hang from a club light and broke it.

      According to the multiple witnesses, after being carried out by a few friends, Kidd got in his car to drive off … despite protests from his friends. Kidd left the club around 1:00 AM and crashed his car less than an hour later.”

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