JaVale McGee and Nick Young continue to ride the pine

  • Andy Flint

The Washington Wizards head coach, Randy Whittman, benched both starting center JaVale McGee and starting shooting guard, Nick Young, during the second half of the Wizards 119-118 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night.

The tough love continued on Wednesday night as the Wizards hosted the Magic in Washington. McGee and Young both started the game as spectators while Jordan Crawford and Kevin Seraphin filled in as starters.

“We played guys that wanted to play defense in the second half. I went with guys who I knew were going to go out there and bust their rear ends and try to do things the right way in the second half …

I’m done with young guys (as an excuse). If they don’t want to play the right way, young guys aren’t going to play. It does us no good. They’re not going to learn anything when they want to play the way they want to play. All they’re developing are bad habits.”

Whittman said after Tuesday’s loss.

It sounds like coach Whittman has seen enough of the “me, me, me” basketball that some of these Wizards players have grown extremely fond of playing.

It’s a shame that guys like Nick Young and JaVale McGee, who have tremendous upside, could care less about playing the game. McGee has been notoriously bad when it comes to anything that takes any sort of thought, while Nick Young is a serious ball-stopper and has never seen a shot he didn’t like.

I like this approach by Randy Whittman!

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