JaVale McGee: “It’s fun having A.D.D”

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We’ve all grown accustomed to the sometimes wacky, and always unpredictable antics of the one and only JaVale McGee. But despite all of that, McGee”s recent comments about A.D.D, or Attention Deficit Disorder, had me shaking my head. JaVale apparently suffers from A.D.D (SHOCKING!), a disorder which generally causes a person to have a short attention span, or often times causes hyperactivity (A.D.H.D), and the kicker is, McGee himself claims that “having A.D.D is fun”.

I know, I know, typical! McGee rationalizes his fondness for a disease that hinders roughly 20% of all Americans by saying he’s “not boring”.

“I have extreme ADD. They tried to put me on Ritalin, but I wouldn’t do it. I  just didn’t want to take it. I was young (when it was diagnosed); it was a long  time ago.” McGee said. “But, yeah, it’s definitely fun having ADD. It’s extremely fun. I’m not  boring.”

That clears things up for everyone out there wondering why JaVale always claims a spot on ESPN’s Not Top 10. We’ve all watched the imfamous McGee bloopers and read the headlines that depict JaVale as somewhat of a clown, or a low I.Q player. Remember the time when he played for the Washington Wizards and he ran hard to get back on defense, only to find out that the Wizards still had the ball and were playing offense? John Wall’s body language describes the situation to a T.

“If you left him in a first-grade class for an hour, who knows what you’d  have when you got back? You might have a statue built out of desks and chairs,”  said Nuggets assistant coach Melvin Hunt.

“He’s unique. You look at his physique, he’s unique, and guys don’t have that  combination on the court, nor that combination off the court. He’s witty, at the  same time he’s goofy, at the same time he’s smart, at the same time he’s silly.  He can take you a lot of places.”

That is a pretty good description of McGee. I guess perhaps Forrest Gump said it best when describing a box of chocolates.. “You never know what you’re gonna get”.

You can see the way McGee seems to be impulsive, or tends to lack awareness on the floor. This is where the disease kicks in. It’s not that McGee is an idiot, or that he doesn’t care about the game. The guy has a bonafide cause for his antics. As a guy who suffers from the same condition (A.D.H.D), I can relate when I see some of the things McGee does on the basketball court. Not that I would EVER describe my daily struggles as fun, but hey, that’s just JaVale being JaVale.



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