JaVale McGee With The Monster Block On DeAndre Jordan

  • Mark Evans

After signing a 4 year, $44 million extension this offseason, the Denver Nuggets are looking for big things from JaVale McGee. The team doesn’t like to spend big time money on long-term extensions, as shown through the dealing of Carmelo Anthony to New York a few years ago. This is what makes the signing so interesting. The Nuggets really think McGee is worth $44 million?

With plays like this, it’s easy to see why people around the league rave about his potential:

Nonetheless, there’s been a lot of talk surround the 7-footer this offseason. He went to train with Hakeem Olajuwon to work on his post game, and Olajuwon came out and said that JaVale McGee should dominate the NBA.

The first thing that needs to be addressed here is why the Clippers are giving the ball to DeAndre Jordan on the block. He’s an offensively challenged train wreck, but that’s another story for another day.

The Nuggets will need this rim protection from JaVale McGee to make this season a success. Andre Iguodala provides them with an elite perimeter defender, and the pairing of Iggy and an elite rim protector could make for something special. McGee isn’t at that level yet, but he could be on his way.

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