Jeremy Lin Is Out 2 Weeks With A Knee Sprain: How This Could Impact The Rockets’ Backcourt Rotation Going Forward

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The Houston Rockets’ backcourt is playing some version of musical chairs at the moment. While getting James Harden back from his foot injury on Friday, the Rockets also learned that Jeremy Lin would be out for the next two weeks due to a Grade 1 sprain in his right knee.  This may come as bad news for the Rockets, but this actually does have one upside. That upside is to see what Patrick Beverly can do when it’s just him and there’s no Jeremy Lin.

The Rockets seem to be unsure about how to spread out the minutes between Lin and Beverly, and perhaps with the absence of Lin, they’ll get a better sense of what Beverly brings to the table versus Lin.. This doesn’t mean this necessarily benefits Beverly. This could also benefit Lin as well. Perhaps Beverly really struggles, and the Rockets realize they need more Jeremy Lin and so upon Lin’s return, he starts shortly after he comes back and Beverly gets shelved, etc. Of course, if Beverly plays really well, and the Rockets win without Jeremy Lin, then Lin’s value becomes marginalized. In other words, these upcoming 2 weeks without Lin could have a big impact on the Rockets’ backcourt rotation going forward.

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