Jeremy Lin, Rockets agree to offer sheet

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Linsanity may be taking place in Houston next year. That is, if the Rockets have their way.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Houston Rockets and Jeremy Lin have agreed to an offer sheet. Woj says the terms are currently unknown, but a “poison pill” contract is expected. A “poison pill” describes a deal where the money is heavy in the later or last years, and significantly less in the first few years.

Jeremy Lin took the league by storm last season after being picked up by the Knicks, and led the Knicks on a run that helped them get into the playoffs. Unfortunately, Lin was injured and did not see any postseason action.

It is believed that the New York Knicks will match any offer for Jeremy Lin to keep him in New York. They have the right to exceed the salary cap to retain him, as Jeremy Lin was recently awarded Bird Rights.

Lin seemed to be much more than a basketball player last season. He became an icon, as the Harvard graduate became immensely popular both in America and overseas.

The Knicks signed veteran point guard Jason Kidd earlier today. Is Jeremy Lin in their plans as well?

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3 Responses to Jeremy Lin, Rockets agree to offer sheet

  • Dolan will match. Dolan is about making money and he knows Lin will fill those expensive seats. Whether he starts or comes off the bench he’ll generate enough to pay the luxury tax and help pay for those renovations that were made to the Garden.

  • Same reason Dolan sold the farm to get Carmelo,revenue.

  • What Ever will be of Lin Sanity,the city of NewYork was in desperation to have a HERO, Sorry broadway

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