Jeremy Lin skypes with five-year old Knicks fan who was upset over Houston signing

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Jeremy Lin
credit: bleacherreport.com

Jeremy Lin has gotten his fair share of criticism lately after leaving the New York Knicks for the Houston Rockets. Some, myself included, ripped him for not suiting up in the postseason when he claimed he was at 85% health. Some Knicks fans felt he was just a money chaser. Others just believe he is an average, over paid player.

Well, whatever you believe, this has to warm your heart a little bit.

Jeremy Lin became a global icon in just half a season with the Knicks. With Carmelo Anthony injured, Linsanity took over, as the Knicks fought back into the playoff picture. His jersey became a very hot item, and he was the Asian American basketball icon that has been missing since the retirement of Yao Ming.

A five-year old Knicks fan had a very tough time dealing with the departure of his point guard. Many fans were upset, but few were upset to this point.

Jeremy Lin got word of this video, and decided to take some action. The good guy inside of him actually skyped with the young boy to console him . Can you imagine being a five-year old fan and having Jeremy Lin wanting to conference call you?

I’m not sure how many athletes would do something like this, but it’s an awesome story.

So say whatever you want about Jeremy Lin, but judging from this story, it seems like he has a heart of gold.

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