Jerry Sloan Open To Coaching Deron Williams in Brooklyn

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Jerry Sloan and Deron Williams in Utah. credit: mensbasketballhoopscoop.com

Jerry Sloan and Deron Williams in Utah.
credit: mensbasketballhoopscoop.com

After news broke that the Brooklyn Nets will not be retaining P.J. Carlesimo, the franchise will be looking for their third head coach in less than a year. Carlesimo replaced Avery Johnson, who was fired earlier in the season.

Rumors have been flying about who the next head coach might be. With their roster seemingly stuck with very little flexibility, many believe they will look to make a big splash with a new coach in order to shake things up for a team that looked awfully flat against a depleted Chicago Bulls team.

Interestingly enough, Jerry Sloan might be up to the challenge. Via CSNNW:

Names such as Phil Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy have circulated as possible candidates who could fill that vacancy.

Even the name of 71-year-old Jerry Sloan was brought up. The problem with that is, Deron Williams plays for the Nets.

According to Mike Mazzeo of ESPN, Williams would welcome Sloan as his coach, again.

Nets General Manager Billy King has yet to reach out to the Hall-of-Fame coach. And if he did so, Sloan isn’t against the idea of coaching his former All-Star point guard.

“I’m open, I would listen,” Sloan told CSNNW.com via phone. “I haven’t done the research on their roster, but I would definitely listen if they called.”

Of course, the relationship between Deron Williams and Jerry Sloan ended abruptly when Sloan stepped down after being the long-term coach with Utah following alleged issues between the legendary head coach and star point guard. Sloan’s name has been tossed around a lot lately, and could possibly be a good option. He got a lot out of Williams in Utah, who hasn’t looked like the same player for much of his stint in Brooklyn.

Much of this is probably just smoke, but it’s fun to think about.

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