Joakim Noah realizes re-tooling may be at hand for Bulls

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Where do I start with the Chicago Bulls? A talented team, built for playoff basketball. A team with a cast of unselfish players, and a head coach focused on one goal. Win an NBA championship. Winning was a simple technicality with a roster so masterfully built. Ask almost anyone, at the start of the season, who was next in line to unseat the Miami Heat in the eastern conference, and they would have said the Bulls.

Well, talk about being unlucky. Because that’s what has happened to this once promising roster. Bad luck. It’s that simple. Derrick Rose tore his ACL and missed all of last season. Chicago pushed on and gave the Heat a few scrapes in last year’s playoffs, despite being without their superstar. Then we had “The Return”. The much anticipated return of Derrick Rose. The 2011 NBA Most Valuable Player. The most electric point guard the league has ever seen.

Fast-forward to the present, and the reality that Derrick Rose has suffered a second, and completely unrelated knee injury, and you start to get that disgusting pit in your stomach. Not just Bulls’ fans either. This has been felt by NBA fans all over the world. Basketball is better with D-Rose running around, doing what Rose does. That is a fact.

With Rose’s latest injury. A torn medial meniscus, and a second-consecutive season of watching the Bulls play games from the bench, this team may start panicking, and with panic comes change. Chicago Bulls’ center, Joakim Noah, realizes this.

Noah’s play, as of late, has indicated that he’s not with it.

“trying to find my spirit out there on the court.’’ Noah said on Monday when asked about the possibility of personnel changes for the Bulls. “I think it’s possible. I mean, yeah.’’

We’ve all heard the comparisons that Rose has drawn lately. Grant Hill, Yao Ming, Brandon Roy, Penny Hardaway. Whether or not these comparisons are accurate is irrelevant, because they’re all fair. Half of this game is predicting the future. If the Bulls wait and see, they could be setting this franchise back even further. It’s simply one of those situations where nobody knows.

The Bulls will have to make the best decisions they can for their future. They’ll have to do so while working with many unknowns.

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