Joe Johnson Wants More Touches in Game 5

  • Frank Santos

It is clear that the Atlanta Hawks are going to need a drastic change in order to pull out a playoff series victory against the Boston Celtics this year. One day after an embarrassing 101-79 loss in game four to the Celts, Atlanta Hawk star guard Joe Johnson thinks he had the solution to the Hawks troubles this series; they need to get him the ball.

Johnson expressed his frustration and desire to get more touches to reporters, saying about the Celtics defense: “I don’t think they are doing anything different defensively on me…I think it’s just, basically, getting an opportunity to touch the ball. That’s it.” When asked if he was currently satisfied with the touches he has been getting throughout the series, Johnson simply just replied “No.”

I can see why Johnson would be frustrated by this series. When you are the primary option on your team, and Josh Smith is jacking up 3’s, it has to be bothersome. Smith shot the ball 13 times in game four compared to Johnson’s 8, and in order for the Hawks to stand any chance in game five, those numbers will have to change dramatically. Hopefully Hawks coach Larry Drew will be smart enough to see things Joe Johnson’s way and find ways to get him the ball in a position to score, or the Hawks will be joining the Mavericks and Jazz fishing.

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