Joel Embiid’s Health Concerns Scare Away Cavaliers

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Joel Embiid’s Health Concerns a Problem?

Joel Embiid's health could cost him in the draft. credit: Boston Globe

credit: Boston Globe

Joel Embiid’s health has been the main problem regarding the former Kentucky center. While teams will often times take on a little bit more risk with a talented big man, it looks like the Cleveland Cavaliers are running away.

There have been huge concerns about Embiid’s back, which is one of the worst spots for a player of his size to have concerns. Reportedly, the Cavs have seen enough out of Embiid, and will not draft him with the number one overall pick.

It’s a shame that Joel Embiid’s health is such a red flag, because he really has the ability to become a very special player in the NBA. We’ve seen too many big men have their careers derailed with similar problems, a la Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum. Well, there are many more problems with Bynum. But you get the point.

If the Cavs are scared, who will take Embiid? You have to imagine that the teams behind Cleveland will have similar concerns, but at some point, he’s just too good to pass on.

Joel Embiid’s health will be a concern for whoever drafts him, but ultimately, it seems like someone might get a bargain.

Would the Bucks take him at two? Maybe, depending on how committed they are to Larry Sanders.

The 76ers could, but would they want to do so before even seeing Nerlens Noel play a single NBA minute?

At four, even the Magic could justify passing on him if they believe Nikola Vucevic is their man, as they have other needs.

This could be an interesting story line, but it’s a shame that Joel Embiid’s health concerns are holding back such a talented player.


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