John Calipari Says He Wouldn’t Take Lakers Job If Offered

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John Calipari is a polarizing figure. While many dislike him for some of his views and the way he runs his program, you can’t deny the success he’s had in the NCAA. His Kentucky team made it to the championship game this season, but fell short to UConn.

Around the time of the championship game, there was speculation that he would be leaving Kentucky to coach the Los Angeles Lakers. There didn’t seem to be too much substance to this, but anyone will jump on a rumor that involves the Lakers firing Mike D’Antoni and making a splashy hire.

Coach Cal has been very clear that he doesn’t want to leave Kentucky. He seems to really love his job, and I’m not holding my breath for him to leave. In fact, he made this very clear on First Take.

Well, alright. Can we officially put this rumor to bed now?

If the Lakers do decide to find a new coach, it looks like Calipari is not an option. Too bad that Phil Jackson guy isn’t available anymore.


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