John Wall, Derrick Rose discuss mutual respect

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There’s no doubt in the mind of anyone that Derrick Rose is an alpha dog in terms of point guards in the NBA, today. John Wall is the young, athletic floor general from the Nation’s Capitol, who fits a mold very similar to that of Rose. Toss in the fact that both of these players were number 1 overall draft picks (Rose is 2008. Wall in 2010), both rock Adidas shoes, and both, ironically, player for the same coach in college. Rose played for John Calipari at Memphis, while Wall was Calapari’s best player at Kentucky two years later.

The fact that these two young stars share so many similarities in a league that is driven by the point guard position is exciting. To hear that these two dynamic guards have a mutual respect for one another, and are motivated to play their best against each other is something I find to be spectacular.

“He has everything he had back,” Wall gushed about Rose. “He’s more confident. And he did the right thing, to take as much time as he needed to make sure he’s confident.”

We all watched in dismay as Derrick Rose collected dust on Chicago’s bench last season. The fans, and random NBA heads, judged Rose without ever walking a mile in his shoes. Now Rose is back, and reportedly looks better than ever. Rose stayed on the course while injured and worked on his maturity and jump shot. Two things that could propel this great player to new heights.


Rose also has respect in his corner. He talked about the young guard (Wall) recently, and spoke of how John has improved his game.

“He has grown as a player,” Rose said. “The game has slowed down to him.”

Wall’s ability to nail down a consistent jumper is one target area for the young guard, as his game continues to blossom. Rose mentioned Wall seeing the game in a different, slower way. Wall will need to harness the ability to see things develop, as he cruises towards the rim, or hits an open teammate for the score. These are things Rose knows, as he’s experiences them.

The two also spoke of competing against one another. Wall had this to say about seeing Rose on the floor as his opponent.

“It’s great. Why not?” Wall said. “We get the best out of each other. I know he’s a competitive guy and he has that edge that he wants to win just like I do.”

To be the best, you have to beat the best. This is vintage NBA at it’s best, and apparently healthy competition is not lost on John Wall.


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