John Wall says he’s the fastest player in the NBA

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The NBA today is overloaded with talented athletes. Nowhere else in the world will you see so many fast and athletic players going at it on a nightly basis. One of the more intriguing matchups of late has been the point guard battles between John Wall of the Washington Wizards and Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

During a recent game between the Wizards and Thunder, Wall broke lose on a one-man fast break, and was nearly chased down by Westbrook from the other end of the floor. This got the debate going as to who actually is the faster of the two. While Westbrook has claimed more overall success thus far in his career, Wall pulled no punches about his confidence in his ability.

Via The Washington Post:

After the game, Wall was asked if Westbrook was the fastest player in the league and replied, “No, I’m going to say myself.”

Wall then flashed a playful grin and refused to bite when asked if Westbrook was at least the second-fastest player in the league. “It’s tough man,” Wall said. “There’s a couple fast guys in this league. He’s up there, Derrick [Rose] is up there, when he’s healthy. Mike Conley’s pretty quick. It’s different guys. Ty Lawson’s quick. So there’s a lot of guys, but I put myself first. Just for fun.”

In stride with the trends in pretty much every professional sport, players in the NBA are getting bigger, faster, and stronger every day. The game has really evolved in an amazing fashion, so to say he’s the fastest really says something about John Wall. Whether he is or not, we won’t know unless someone organizes a forty yard dash putting all the superstar point guards against each other. But Wall says he’s the fastest.

I won’t disagree with him.

By: Jim Racalto- Sports-Kings Co-Founder

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  • Good debate, surprised to not hear Monte Ellis in the debate, not 100% sure but i’ve heard somewhere awhile back he ran a 4.1 40 once.. which is insane, 21 y/o Deon Sanders type level. They should elaborate though, there’s a difference between sprinting speed, and speed while dribbling up court. Then you have quickness/change of direction. I doubt Jamal Crawford could beat any of these guys in a 40-yd dash, but he can hit a 4 move combo of either a 1 or 2x crossover, in&out, through the legs 1 or 2x, behind the back, step back move in less than a second. Kylie Irving too, just not as good as Crawford yet. Teague from ATL, Lillard from Portland. List goes on..

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