Josh Smith excited that Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams were traded

Josh Smith, one of the star players on the Atlanta Hawks, is reportedly encouraged that new GM Danny Ferry has traded away Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams over the past few days.

Why would Josh Smith be “thrilled” that the team traded away arguably their best player in Johnson and a rotation player in Marvin Williams? To add to this strange report, Smith has not been shy in the past about trade demands.

With these trades, it is now believed that the Atlanta Hawks will be able to enter the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, whether it be in a trade or in free agency next summer. Johnson’s bloated contract would have prevented this from being a possibility, which Danny Ferry recognized.

Aside from being the league’s best center, Dwight Howard is very close friends with Josh Smith. A Howard/Smith pairing has been tossed around in the past, but the destination was usually Orlando.

The Hawks do have the financial ability to acquire Howard, although it will certainly not be easy. The Brooklyn Nets have offered Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, and a grouping of first round picks for the Orlando big man. One would have to think that if the Hawks were to offer a package centered around Al Horford and Jeff Teague, Orlando would have to very seriously consider it.

It seems that Josh Smith is very excited about the future of the Atlanata Hawks. This is a team who has consistently lost early in the playoffs every year.

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9 Responses to Josh Smith excited that Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams were traded

  • Mark says:

    If the Hawks are thinking that’s the case wouldn’t they have tried to deal Al Horford’s contract as well?

  • Josh says:

    Trading Al would be a big mistake. I’m not sure if Atl has the structure to deal with the issues that signing Howard would bring

  • dannny k says:

    theyre off to a good start by trading johnson.

  • HEDAN says:

    This is redicules, and what does Smith think the Hawks would win with only him and Howard on the team? NJ offered 3 1st rounders along w/ their package so Atl. would have to also at least match the 3! This franchise is heading for the lottery for the next several years now, hopefully the reasoning behind the Joe salary dump is because these joke owners are trying to sell!

  • Lee says:

    Getting rid of Johnson and his contract is a great deal if they can swing getting Howard. Hate to loose Al, but Atlanta needs to keep Josh at all cost.

  • jerry says:

    I just wonder why the Haws do not update their site every day. There is nothing about Joe Johnson or marvin being traded. Come on this is the 21 century. I would like to see something new each day. Althought the cheer learder are very pretty, I do not need to hear about them all the time.

  • Big al photo"s says:

    We need 2 find a way 2 get chris paul,who is begging 2 play here! and howard at any cost talking bout ticket sells,,finally marvin williams has left the building….lets go hawks im ready 2 buy a season ticket for life..danny ferry should set josh down and c where his head is,please make him stay n the paint,is he do he will be an all star.if not trade him 2 danny!!!

  • bighawks says:

    They better get a big time scorer and defender if they are serious about winning. Howard can defend but he has yet to prove he can carry a team on offensive.

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