Josh Smith On His Way Out Of Atlanta?

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It looks like the Josh Smith era may be over in Atlanta. credit: straightfromthea.com

It looks like the Josh Smith era may be over in Atlanta.
credit: straightfromthea.com

After losing to the Indiana Pacers, the offseason is here for the Atlanta Hawks. Their main concern at the moment is what to do with Josh Smith, who will be a free agent this summer.

Smith has had his ups and downs in Atlanta. He is an undeniably talented player, and one who certainly has all of the physical tools to do almost anything on the court. However, the way he plays the game hasn’t improved enough to properly utilize his talent, and Atlanta fans have seemingly gotten tired of waiting for this to happen.

From the looks of it, Josh Smith may be getting ready to head out of Atlanta. Via the Atlantic Journal Constitution:

“As I walked off the court, everything just sort of hit me,” the Hawks’ forward said late Friday night. “Just the uncertainty of what the future holds. Just thinking about all of the relationships I’ve had here and the people who’ve crossed my path since I’ve been here. I just … I just don’t know.”

Does he want to come back?

“The only thing I know is I want to be able to experience free agency. I want to explore my options and see what’s out there. I don’t have any certain idea what’s going to happen.”

This is usually where you hear a player say, “I’d like to return, but we’ll see how things work out.” While by no means did he say he was leaving, he didn’t sound terribly excited at the prospect of staying in Atlanta.

The Hawks may not look to bring him back, even if he is willing. The team traded Joe Johnson to the Brooklyn Nets last offseason, and may be looking to  change the core of a team that was never quite good enough to be a serious contender.

It will be interesting to see what the market is for Smith. Someone will most likely overpay, hoping that he can eventually achieve his full potential.

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  • Smith has wanted out of ATL. for several years now, 1st it was M. Woodson then it was Joe Johnson, the Hawks dumped both of them and he’s still not happy, good riddance if ya ask me, him and D. Howard are spoiled brats.

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