Josh Smith on possibility of playing with Dwight Howard: “It’d be icing on the cake”

  • Mark Evans

Dwight Howard and Josh Smith

The Dwightmare will seemingly never end, partially because there is always someone pumping some more air in the tires. The Atlanta Hawks have been rumored as a dark horse candidate to bring Dwight Howard to town, as they recently cleared a significant amount of room by dealing Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams.

It is believed that any deal to make this a reality would have to include some combination of Jeff Teague, Al Horford, and Josh Smith, as well as probably some friendly contracts and draft picks.

We all know Josh Smith would love to play with Dwight.

Via iamagm:

“Who wouldn’t want a guy like that on your team?” Smith said of Howard when HOOPSWORLD caught up with him in Las Vegas. “He’s the best big man in the league. I’d love to have him. Who wouldn’t? He’s the most dominant big in the game right now. …. Smith said that if Howard were to join the Hawks, it’d be “icing on the cake.”

Well, yeah. Thanks for the news, Josh. Join the rest of the league who wants the best big man on their team.

Josh Smith and Dwight Howard are childhood friends, which has also helped fuel the Dwight Howard to the Hawks speculation. It would be a bit of a strange pairing, for sure.

But it would still be an improvement for Josh Smith and Dwight Howard, right?

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