Josh Smith Turned Down 3 Years, $45 Million From Hawks

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Will Josh Smith's high flying dunks still be in Atlanta next season? credit:

Will Josh Smith’s high flying dunks still be in Atlanta next season?

Josh Smith was one of the bigger names that many expected to be dealt at the trading deadline. However, the Atlanta Hawks did not find an offer they liked enough to pull the trigger, meaning Smith will hit free agency on the open market this summer.

Smith is known for a lot of things about his game; some good, and some not so good. He’s definitely a stat sheet stuffer, averaging 17.6 points, 8.5 rebounds, 4.3 assists, 1.8 blocks, and 1.3 steals per game this season. There’s also the Josh Smith who falls in love with his jumper, particularly his favorite long, two-point jumper.

It will be interesting to see what the market for a player like Smith is. Whatever it is, he better hope he can get more than $45 million, because he reportedly already turned that down from the Hawks. Via Marc Stein:

It’s easy to forget now, after they tried so hard to trade him in February, but the Hawks did want to sign Josh Smith to a contract extension before the season started.

The figure shared with me this week: Atlanta’s offer coming into the 2012-13 campaign was a three-year extension worth in excess of $45 million.

Yet sources close to the situation say that the extension talks never got too deep because Smith made it clear from the start that he wanted to make it to free agency, which would enable him to sign a longer deal. League rules on extensions precluded the Hawks from offering anything longer than three extra years during the season.

Either Smith believes he’s worth more than $45 million, or he just really doesn’t like playing for Atlanta. Whatever it is, he may have shot himself in the foot by not jumping on this offer when he had the chance.

He goes against almost everything that they do, but could he end up with the Houston Rockets?

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