Karl Malone Teaches Enes Kanter How To Fish

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image via instagram: courtesy of Karl Malone's wife Kay

image via instagram: courtesy of Karl Malone’s wife Kay

Not only is Karl Malone teaching the young Utah Jazz big men how to play bigger and better in the paint, he is also teaching them how to fish!!! Earlier this week, Karl Malone helped Enes Kanter catch his first fish. While learning how to bait a hook isn’t the most important thing that Karl Malone is teaching these young big men in Utah, it is great to see that the Mailman is taking the time to bond with them and develop a good relationship with them. Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter are the key building blocks of the Utah Jazz along with Trey Burke and Gordon Hayward. The better relationship they have with Malone, the more likely it is that they stay in Utah for the long run, which is why seeing Malone and Kanter bond over a fish is actually a big deal for the Utah Jazz.

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