Karl Malone will help coach Jazz big men

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A young Karl Malone had one of the most polished post games in NBA history. He will try to get the Jazz big men to that level. (Credit: NBA.com)

Utah Jazz legend Karl Malone, AKA “The Mailman”, has accepted a part-time coaching job with his former team. He will be working with Utah’s big men, hoping to help their post game reach its potential.

Via Deseret News:

“We as a Jazz organization have got a great stable of big guys,” the Hall of Fame power forward said Wednesday on the team’s radio station during an interview with CEO Greg Miller. “I’m excited.”

“I think your involvement with our bigs,” Miller replied, “is going to help us win more ball games.”

Jazz power forward Derrick Favors is particularly excited about the move, as he’s expressed a desire to improve and even made a personal plea to the Jazz front office in hopes of bringing Malone in to tutor him:

“You can’t find too many better people to work with your bigs,” Favors’ agent, Wallace Prather, said. “I think it’s great for everybody involved — from Derrick, to Enes (Kanter), to Jeremy (Evans) to whoever else finds their way into the organization.”

For now, this coaching job for Karl Malone is an experiment, much like when the Jazz previously brought in former player Jeff Hornacek to be the shooting coach. Whether or not it will become permanent is unclear, but it’s entirely possible, especially if Malone produces results. The Jazz have loads of potential in Favors, Kanter, and Evans. If these big guys reach their potential with Malone’s mentoring, the Jazz should be able to get over the hump and make the playoffs in 2013.


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