Kevin Durant cried every day for a week after the NBA Finals

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After a heartbreaking loss in the NBA Finals, all-world scorer Kevin Durant took the failure awfully tough. They always say “it’s just a game”, but it is much more meaningful than that to some.

Losing to friend and now Olympic teammate LeBron James couldn’t have made this any easier. Not to mention, the series wasn’t terribly close, as it looked like the Miami Heat were completely in control.

“I wanted to win as bad as anything in the world. I cried about it every day,” said Durant, who added that the mourning lasted about a week, a little less than the time it took to physically recover from the NBA grind.

We always love to see emotion out of our favorite athletes. It shows that they genuinely care, and that the game is more than a huge paycheck to them. Everyone loves Kevin Durant, so people will take this as a positive showing of emotion. But remember when Chris Bosh cried, and everyone made fun of him to no end? Yeah. Just saying.

Seeing champion LeBron James every day doesn’t make this any easier on Kevin Durant for sure. However, knowing KD, it will certainly serve as a little extra motivation to come back stronger next season.

Kevin Durant is arguably the best scorer in the league, and has vastly improved the rest of his game over the past few years. We’ll see if he gets the last laugh next season.

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One Response to Kevin Durant cried every day for a week after the NBA Finals

  • I cannot believe that an annoyed fan idiotically, burnt his jersey. I would wear a Durant jersey, even though that’s not my team; he’s still an awesome player. Who would know, & it is still cool. He took his team to the playoff, & now has more of a reason to beat Miami, or any other team next season/year. It is not that bad to feel bad about losing, but time to move on.
    Every year, it’s a new Championship, & the moment only lasts moments, not an eternity. So what, you lost. Better luck next time.
    & I think you meant, “We’ll see who gets the last laugh ‘next’ season!”

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