Kevin Durant Ejected For First Time

  • Mark Evans

Kevin Durant certainly seems to be one of the more calm superstars that the NBA has to offer. He looks like nothing really bothers him, even when things aren’t going great.

But everyone has their slip ups, right?

Kevin Durant was ejected tonight from a game against the Brooklyn Nets, and seemed to lose his temper just a little bit. The ejection came with 1:57 remaining in the fourth quarter, with the Nets up 104-90. An offensive foul call on Oklahoma City’s Kendrick Perkins seemed to push Durant over the edge, as he was already visibly frustrated.

Watch the video of the ejection below:

Durant said afterwards:

“I said it was a bad call. They got a quick trigger now. I just thought it was a bad call. Like I said, you get frustrated throughout a game and show emotion. That’s how you can tell you love it.”

Well, you can probably still add Kevin Durant to the surely long list of players who don’t like Danny Crawford.


-Mark Evans, Assistant Manager/Editor of Content

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  • Can we get a comparison on the number of foul calls delivered to each team. I may be all wet, but It seems to me it was very lop-sided against the Thunder.

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