Kevin Durant: Lakers have the best team on paper

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Kevin Durant
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Kevin Durant believes that the Lakers have the best team in the league, on paper. This is weird, coming from a guy like Kevin Durant, huh?

A few days ago, it was Chris Bosh saying that the Los Angeles Lakers have the best team in the league on paper. Of course, this is news coming from a defending NBA champion.

After acquiring Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, among others, it might be hard to argue against them.

The two-time scoring champion had this to say about Los Angeles and their new super-team:

“People outside, fans, media, of course they are going to say (the Lakers are the favorites) because on paper they have the best lineup in the league. But you still got to play the games. We respect everybody. We are going to go through the league respecting everybody as well.

“We already view ourselves as an elite team, but we have to prove it again. Last year is over with.”

With this being said, do I actually believe that Kevin Durant truly thinks this? Of course not.

There’s a chance he’s just using this as motivation. He’s saying, “Hey, don’t forget about us. We made it to the NBA Finals. We’re pretty good, too.”

But don’t believe for a second that Kevin Durant is intimidated by the Lakers. It was very recently that he put Kobe Bryant’s team to rest fairly easily in the playoffs. Not to mention, who can really slow down Kevin Durant that is on the Lakers? What about Russell Westbrook? Considering that Kobe isn’t the defender he once was, what about James Harden?

Being good on paper only gets you so far. Ask the Knicks.

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5 Responses to Kevin Durant: Lakers have the best team on paper

  • Kevin Durant’s comment about the laker will definately hunt him for the next three years,because okc thunder apearance in the MBA FINALSIS JUST OVER.Kevin see you in the final next in 2022.

  • Now you are under estimating the Lakers. Last year and this year is totally different. Whos going to defend kobe? nash? Dwight? Gasol? Who are thunders going to double team? (having Meeks waiting for a open 3) Same goes for both teams. The season hasnt started yet dont make assumptions yet. Its a fact Lakers got better this season.
    Its a fact Thunders gets better every year.
    It going to be some interesting season for us basketball fans.

  • Really? You’re gonna compare the Knicks lineup to the Lakers lineup “on paper”? Wow. You must be the reality tv of the world of sports writing. And all the Lakers needed last year against the Thunder were someone to control the last 3 minutes of the game. They were leading in 3 of the 4 losses going down the stretch against them. So no, the Thunder DID NOT “…put Kobe Bryant’s team to rest fairly easily in the playoffs”. Watch your games and know your sh!t before you put it into print! RIDICULOUS!

  • i just hope that the lakers play tuff an 48minits,and the must score,when playing a player like kevin durant dont try an stop him just stop everyone around him an for every time he score triple it, or even better if a game is 48minits make sure your score no less than 5point in every minit,same goes for labron james.

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