Kevin Durant names his all-time starting five, leaves out LeBron James

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During an interview with ESPN2′s SportsNation show, Kevin Durant revealed his all-time NBA starting five lineup. Hosts Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley asked him a plethora of interesting questions, but the starting five answer was the most interesting. The usual suspects were all there with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, but Durant went with a big front court of  Hakeem Olajuwon and Shaquille O’Neal to round out his starting five.


If you were to pick a starting five lineup of all-time NBA greats, who would they be?

My point guard would be Magic, my two would be Michael Jordan, my three would be Larry Bird, four would probably be Hakeem Olajuwon and my five would be Shaq. We got a big team right there.

Who would you assume would be the MVP of that team?

MJ, of course. Best player to ever touch the floor.

Now, without trying to manufacture a story here, LeBron James certainly doesn’t have to be in everyone’s top five list of all time. However, with three straight Finals appearances, gold medals and MVPs to boot, you’d think he would warrant a mention from KD. But during the same interview, he was asked how he felt about being the number two ranked player in the NBA according to Sports Illustrated.

SI ranked you recently as the second best player in the NBA. Did they get it right?

That’s not my concern, to be honest. I know where I am as a player and I respect their opinion and being the No. 2 player in the world to some people is cool. I appreciate that, but you know, all I got to do is worry about getting better every day.

That doesn’t sound like he’s thrilled to called the second best player in the NBA. We all remember KD last April complaining that he was sick of being the second best all of the time. Seems like KD could be playing coy here. I’m sure there is some resentment towards LeBron James, which makes you wonder if that is the reason he didn’t mention James or place him in his top five. Maybe this will motivate KD this year to prove he is the best player in the game.


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