Kevin Durant responds to Twitter hater

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Kevin Durant responded to an attractive twitter fan with an interesting tweet

Kevin Durant has made news the last 24 hours in the NBA world that is otherwise uneventful this time of the year. From beefing with Dwyane Wade to leaving LeBron James out of his all-time starting five lineup, the hoops world has seen some drama manufactured. Well, here is some more KD news to add to the fray.

Durant, who has nearly five million Twitter followers, has taken some heat (pardon the pun) for the shots he fired at three-time NBA Finals champion, Dwyane Wade. As you can imagine, the social media world has exploded now that Durant stated his opinion that Harden, not Wade, should be in the Sports Illustrated’s top 10 NBA players of 2013-2014 list.

To me, it is kind of odd that the engaged Durant would reply to an attractive basketball fan that asked him where his “ring” was, when he could have replied to the several other thousand tweets he receives. Durant responded with what could be construed as a double entendre and cryptic tweet.

Only Durant knows how he meant that tweet. But why would you ask an attractive female in college where her NBA ring was? Is it possible Durant could have been flirting with the young lady in regards to her having a husband?


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