Kevin Garnett gushes about Rajon Rondo

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Hasn’t the past couple of years, for the Boston Celtics, felt like a bad family get-together? Ray Allen leaves before last season. He heads to Miami and wins a championship. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce publicly shun their ex-teammate. Doc Rivers and Rajon Rondo have a broken relationship. Eventually Rondo is injured, Rivers scoots to The Clippers, and Garnett and Pierce strive to carve out a new, final, chapter with the Brooklyn Nets.

Whew, that was exhausting. I feel for Celtics’ fans. And that’s rare. It’s hard to feel bad for a franchise who has won so much. But these past two years have been a circus.

Kevin Garnett recently spoke out (in a good way) about his former teammate, Rajon Rondo.

“It’s always good to see your little brother, man,” Garnett said before Thursday’s game. “I worry about his health. I know he wants to play. I know he wants to help that team. I try to keep an eye out for the young boys [in Boston], just to see how they’re doing.

“I know he’s eager to play, and I know he’s eager to get back out. My only concern is always health-wise. Rondo knows his body, he knows himself. I’m just glad he’s still able to fulfill his dream and play the game that he loves. Anytime, that’s first and foremost. Everything else is secondary.”

“Absolutely,” Garnett said about Rondo. “That’s a little brother, man. We all grew together. When we grew, it wasn’t something we did minimally. We all gave all of ourselves to each other, and we grew in that. That connection, you grow with it through time, and it’s one of them connections that you look at as forever.

“That’s my little brother. I love Rondo. He knows that, and I would do anything for him. All in all, I’m just happy that he’s back, and I’m just happy he’s able to be healthy and continue to be able to do one of the things he does best.”

KG is generally known for speaking his mind. Good or bad. But in the terms of Rondo, it seems like KG formed a pretty solid bond with the young point-guard. Afterall, KG was the older vet, when he landed in Boston, and Rondo was the raw, young guard, with plenty of growing to do. Rondo has acted distant about all of these recent departures, but deep down, it seems like he and KG have a pretty strong bond, or at least that’s how Garnett feels.


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