Kevin Love still expected to meet obligations in Minnesota

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Kevin Love may have one foot out of the door already in Minnesota, but trade talks have seemed to slow down a bit lately, or hit some unforeseen snags, as the Timberwolves seem to be in no huge rush to move the talented big man, and know they hold enough of the cards, at this point in time, to still pull off a move they like.

The Golden State Warriors, as well as the Cleveland Cavaliers, both seem to be relatively close to landing one of the league’s premier players, but that hasn’t stopped the T-Wolves from being patient in trying to secure the best deal available. It’s been reported that the Timberwolves would likely receive a package featuring either Klay Thompson, or Andrew Wiggins, respectively, but with Golden State and Cleveland playing it safe, and also attempting to secure the best move possible for them, this process has begun to move at turtle speeds.

With that being said, the Timberwolves, and namely their owner, Glen Taylor, fully expect Love to act as if he’s still a member of their team for the time being, and that includes Love being present at training camp.

“My preference is that Kevin will come to (training) camp — and I’m sure he will — and play with the team,” Taylor said.

Taylor also spoke out about the potential assets Minnesota would receive if Love does, indeed, get traded.

“My response is that we are going to look at everything that makes sense that would make our team better,” Taylor told NBA TV. “but we are not going to move a superb player like that without getting equal or more value back.”

Simply put, the Timberwolves probably won’t be fooled into taking a few mediocre players in exchange for one of the association’s leading power-forwards, and who blames them? Love would potentially make the Cavs or the Warriors favorites to win the title, and Taylor and company know that there is a certain price tag that goes along with acquiring that kind of player.

The assumption around the league is a developing star like Andrew Wiggins, or Klay Thompson, paired with some smaller assets, and perhaps future draft picks is probably what the T-Wolves will be asking for when they’re ready to commit to as serious move. Patience may be their best friend right now, as teams tend to grow more desperate to land a stud player as we inch closer to the season’s start.


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