Kevin Ware expected to play in the opener

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Kevin Ware to suit up for the Louisville’s first game

Since suffering from an open fracture to his right leg in March, Kevin Ware has become a heart warming story around the sports world. We all remember the gruesome scene with Ware on the sideline with seemingly no hope left. All of the brave kid could do was yell to his teammates “Just win the game. I’m OK. Just win the game.”

Well, it’s looking like Ware will be helping his teammates win some games on the hardwood this coming college season, because he has been cleared to play. According to Louisville coach Rick Pitino, he expects Kevin Ware to be in uniform when the Cardinals open their season November 9th against Charleston.


Louisville coach Rick Pitino expects guard Kevin Ware to be in uniform when the Cardinals open their season Nov. 9 against Charleston.

“He’ll suit up for the first game,” Pitino said. “Whether he gets in or not, we’ll see.”

Ware, who has been concentrating on individual instruction and shooting, has been slowed this past week by a case of pinkeye, forcing him out of practice.

“He’s taking it slow,” Pitino said. “People want to see him on the court healthy. We want to see him flourishing.”


Even if Ware gets on the floor for a few possessions it would be such a huge uplift for the Louisville Cardinals and their fans to see Ware touch the floor once again after such a traumatic injury. This indeed, would be a true comeback story.

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