Kirk Hinrich Says Jason Collins Coming Out is a ‘Big Distraction’

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Kirk Hinrich called Jason Collin’s announcement “distracting”

Yesterday marked a historical day in the sports world as Jason Collins admitted in a Sports Illustrated interview that he was gay. After mostly receiving overwhelming support, there was a few negative responses. First, Miami Dolphins wide receiver, Mike Wallace tweeted out his feelings on the matter which didn’t turn out so good. Then, later on, ESPN’s Chris Broussard and Golden State Warriors coach, Mark Jackson let their cryptic and controversial opinions be known. Next you ask? That would be Chicago Bulls guard, Kirk Hinrich.

Via Chicago Sun Times:

Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich didn’t have much to say and called it a distraction, while Nets forward Jerry Stackhouse insisted the news is bigger than the game

Asked about the significance of Collins becoming the first male athlete to come out in a major sport, Hinrich said, “It’s really not significant to me.

“It surprised me but it’s just a big distraction right now. I was surprised after reading all that.

“It doesn’t really change what kind of person he is or anything. It’s just who he is.”

Asked what kind of teammate Collins was when they played together with the Atlanta Hawks, Hinrich said, “He was a good teammate, good guy.

Not exactly what you would call a ringing endorsement on Kirk Hinrich’s end. It will be interesting to see if he faces the same criticism as Mike Wallace and Chris Broussard have faced since stating their opinions on the matter.

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