Knicks and Pistons talking trade involving Tim Hardaway Jr. and Brandon Jennings

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The New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons could pull off a draft day trade that would see point guard Brandon Jennings head to New York in exchange for shooting guard Tim Hardaway Jr. Why it has to wait until the draft is beyond me, but apparently there could be more to the deal.


If you’re looking for any clues regarding potential draft-night trades, here’s one: the Detroit Pistons are said to have interest in trading for Tim Hardaway Jr. and have tried to engage the Knicks on a deal, per league sources.

Detroit may be looking to move guard Brandon Jennings because the organization traded for fellow guard Reggie Jackson last season. Jackson will be a restricted free agent this summer.

Jennings is entering the final year of his contract and will make $8.3 million next season. In a Jennings-for-Hardaway Jr. swap, the Knicks would likely have to use their trade exception and adjust their outgoing assets to make the deal work.

It’s unknown if the Knicks would want to take Jennings’ salary out without further enticement. It’s also worth noting that former NBA star Tim Hardaway Sr., Hardaway Jr.’s father, is an assistant coach with the Pistons.

CBS sports writer, Matt Moore claims that the Knicks would have to add more assets in a deal to acquire Jennings. I think that sounds crazy considering Jennings is coming off a torn Achilles tendon and will be entering the last year of his deal.

In addition, Jennings has had an up and down tenure in the NBA at the point guard position and the Knicks need consistency at that spot. Would it really makes sense to include one of the few assets the Knicks have in Hardaway Jr. and then additional assets to acquire an inconsistent point guard coming off of a series injury?

The other thought is maybe the Knicks will wait for the draft to make the trade to see if they get D’Angelo Russell in which case they wouldn’t make the trade. However, if the Knicks were to move down then maybe they would make the trade to acquire Jennings as the Knicks would probably want to upgrade the point guard position.

The NBA Draft is Thursday, so we should have our answer then.

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