Knicks Decline Jeremy Lin Offer; Lin Will Be a Houston Rocket

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Jeremy Lin offer is declined by the Knicks.

The much awaited decision from the New York Knicks in regards to the Jeremy Lin offer sheet has come to a head, and Howard Beck of the New York Times is reporting that the Knicks have decided not to match the offer Lin signed from the Houston Rockets. The decision has been much anticipated, and debated among the Knick community, and will be sure to come with both congratulations and criticism.

Here is the tweet from the aforementioned Beck:


I have been consistently undecided about the Lin decision. Anyone who claims to “know” whether Jeremy Lin is a bust or not is sadly mistaken. The sample size for Lin is just entirely too small in order to know anything. However, the Rockets needed Lin much more than the Knicks did, and this may salvage their off-season, which has thus far been highlighted by the failure to grab Dwight Howard.

The only point guard currently on the roster for the Rockets was Shaun Livingston, so Lin will definitely have the opportunity to get some serious run on the floor. Only time will tell how the Lin experiment will really work out, but all parties involved can finally move on knowing that a decision has finally been made.

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