Kobe Bryant compares himself to a “race horse”

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Kobe Bryant said he’s felt like a race horse locked in a barn

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant played just six games last season after coming back from a torn Achilles and then fracturing his left knee. With the loss of Bryant, the Lakers struggled and finished the season 27-55. Now, with the a new coach and several new players, the Lakers will be a completely different team than they were last year. And, despite turning 36 years-old this month, the Lakers will need Bryant to perform at a high level if they hope to make the playoffs next season.

While missing the majority of the season is never a good thing, Bryant may actually benefit from the extra time off because of the miles he has put on his body. In addition, Bryant’s latest remarks should have Lakers brass and fans encouraged as he seems like he is ready to unleash on opposing teams.

Via KobeTeam.com (translated)

I can’t wait to return to myduties on the court. I feel like a race horse that has been locked in a barn for months. I want to get out’’, said the Lakers star to Newspaper “Die Welt” according to ‘’El Mundo’’ news.

Kobe made it clear that even though the Lakers may appear to be rebuilding, his main focus is to compete and win.

“I have to say that I have basketball in me. I will always. I’m competitive. I want to win. I hate to lose. So while I’m still playing, I want to win’’, he assured.

Hopefully the Lakers can surround Bryant with some more talent as the future Hall of Fame guard is currently playing out the last few years of his great career.

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