Kobe Bryant Is Out For Another 3 Weeks

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Kobe Bryant has been complaining about not wanting to play in the NBA All-Star Game, and it looks like he might be getting his wish. After Tuesday Night’s loss to the Pacers, the Lakers released the following statement:

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was examined prior to tonight’s game by team physician Dr. Steve Lombardo and still has pain and swelling in his left knee. Bryant will continue with a program of non-weight bearing exercise, consisting mostly of working out on a stationary bike. He will be examined again in approximately three weeks.

This news is obviously demoralizing for the few Lakers fans who actually still believed they had a shot at a title. The Lakers presently are at the bottom of the Western Conference with a 16-30 record, and what’s worse is it’s possible that they are yet to bottom out. If the Lakers have any sense at all, they’ll just have Kobe sit out the rest of the season, get a high draft pick, and try to make a run next season with him fully healthy. At this point, having him come back this season makes utterly no sense.

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