Kobe Bryant says “Kevin Durant is a 6-11 me”

  • Andy Flint

Kobe Bryant was recently asked who Kevin Durant reminds him of. Kobe’s response was one that should make the rest of the league shudder at the simple thought of. “A 6-11 me,” Bryant said.

Could we just take a second to imagine how incredibly scary Durant would be if he elevates his game to the heights that Kobe did over his marvelous 16 year NBA career?

There’s no question that Kevin Durant is already doing big things for this league. He has now reached the NBA finals against LeBron James and the Miami Heat. If a veteran mind like Kobe Bryant sees greatness for this young star, then who am I to argue with him.

Nate McMillan, who coached both Kobe and Durant on the Olympic team also sees the similarities between these two gifted basketball stars.

“You can’t picture them doing anything else. They were created for this game. Spending time with Kobe and Durant, you know that basketball is 90 percent of what they think about all day long.”

People keep looking for Durant to show that evil side. To just floor an opposing player and not feel bad about it. The world needs “Durantula” to show us some of that killer instinct. The way the Mamba has show us for years. Kobe thinks Durant already has that badness in him.

“That dog in him?” Byrant asked. “He’s got it in him.”

Durant explains the way he approaches this game with a simple explanation.

“I’ve really been looking at the mental aspect of the game, how [Bryant] approaches it, watching film, studying opponents, just making sure he’s vocal every time down,” Durant said. “Posting up, the footwork that he uses posting up and how patient he is on the offensive end. I’m learning, every single day. I know that I work hard. It’s going to take me some time, but I know that I’ll get there.”

It seems like there may be something to Kobe’s theories on Kevin Durant and the league better take notice.


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17 Responses to Kobe Bryant says “Kevin Durant is a 6-11 me”

  • He is good (Kevin Durant)& he’s probably right (Kobe Bryant). He is also saying I take it, that Durant is a Power-forward, or something like that, which plays like a Shooting-Guard?

    I would have to agree with Kobe there, but he means, a younger Kobe, not, “Good ole ‘Kobe, Today”

  • I totally agree with this assessment!

    This cat is special! He has everything.. even the killer instinct.

    He needs to make the kill though! That’ll surely make him a problem for years to come..

    I love this freaken game!

    Be back in top form next year Mamba.. the legacy continues..

    • Judging by similarity of body size and length. Don’t forget just how close Durrant resembles both N.B.A “Hall of Famers” George Gervin and Alex English.

  • KD is and will be the best player in the NBA for the next 10 years

  • the needed the refs too help them in game two against boston those quote on quote missed calls like the foul on rondo they changed the momentum everytime boston moved in and even in game seven if boston made a run they the refs stopped it and game allen makes the tech shot and they keep the ball miami doesnt lose by four they lose by two SET UP JUST LIKE THOSE SACRAMENTO AND LA SERIES

  • When Durant was a rookie I said he was a taller version of the rookie Kobe. Now he’s doing everything Kobe did at 5 years and more because of that height. He’s the best all around player (including clutch and basketball intelligence) in the world. And I’m a Laker fan.

    • I’m a Laker fan also.
      During the playoffs I am an OKC fan and was thrilled they won the first game. Great fans in OKC
      Go OKC

  • …a comment by a falling star trying to hang onto his place in the NBA constellation.

    • He has not fallen sweetie. He has been the greatest for so many years now younger folks are rising. same way MJ didn’t stay in bball forever did he? Kobe doesn’t need to kiss ass to stay relevant. learn something.

  • um, it could be. For me, the similarity is that both Kobe and Durant are scorers and that instead of relying on talent, both seem to have taken it to another level mentally in the way they attack the basket. But if I had to look at the recent past, George Gervin, Durant and Alex English …. because of their build and scoring ability are scary familiar.

  • Yes,I’m agree but up to sport writers,TV commentaters they like James and they overrated James example: on Game 1 every sport channel said James got 30 pts. James’s this James’s that but the best player of the game is Durant and scored 36 pts.

    • So nice to read that someone else noticed what I have.
      The announcers go on and on about James. There are better players on the court with class that I would rather hear about.
      James and announcers are ruining the game like Woods and announcers have ruined golf.

  • Durant is already a better player at this stage than kobe was, and will be the best player the NBA has ever had! YES, he will be better than even the great Michael Jordan, you can bet on that! Thunder win this finals matchup in 5 games.

  • A nice article, and quite a compliment.
    Could have left out any mention of LeBron James.
    Really tired of reading about him.
    go OKC!!

  • Kobe is smart about his comments, he doesn’t speak and words just come out of his mouth before he thinks about it. And for Kobe to refer KD to himself is a great thing for KD, in similar aspects as MJ said Kobe is the only player that could be compared to him, which was a big compliment to Kobe. If the Lakers MGMT doesn’t do anything great this off season, it is over for the Lakers and you will see OKC with a few more titles. I am a Laker fan and a realist.

  • I see a lot of Kobe in Durant as far as offensive weapons go, but they are very different. Kobe’s punishment of opposing defenders is the biggest difference. There was a recent poll of who was the most intimidating player in the league and Kobe dominated it, even the other super stars picked Kobe.

    Durant is a very different player, he is an intimidating offensive force but not in the same way Kobe is. Durant will score on you but he won’t punish you. By the end of most seasons Kobe has non-functioning fingers and covered in wraps and tape where Durant will look like he just got a pedicure. Not a knock on KD but he doesn’t get dirty the same way Kobe does.

    Kobe has a whatever it takes approach to the game, where KD’s approach is very calculated and careful.

    Or at least that is my view of the two players.

  • I agree with Kobe, KD is the next Kobe. He is not just a basketball player, like Kobe, he studies and lives basketball. They both want and need to win each time out, and they believe they can, and thats the difference between them and others. I wish KD the kind of career Kobe has had. He is a players player..GO THUNDER!!

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