Kobe Bryant was drug tested after 20 point second half against Australia

  • Mark Evans

Kobe Bryant can get hot with the best of them; and when he does, it’s a beautiful thing to watch. He puts in so much work to be the player he is, and at this point is probably beyond the “gym rat” label.

By now, most of us know of his explosion against Australia on Wednesday night. Bryant scored 20 points in the second half alone to push the USA to victory in the quarterfinals, which included a flurry of threes.

According to Inside Hoops, Kobe Bryant was drug tested after the game:

So what was Kobe Bryant’s reward for his 20-point second-half outburst in  Team USA’s quarterfinal victory over Australia on Wednesday night? An Olympic  drug test.

According to a source, Bryant was the USA player chosen to take the mandatory  random drug test after the late-night contest and was unable to ride back to the  team hotel with his teammates. With the game beginning at 10:15 p.m. here,  Bryant didn’t arrive back at the hotel until 2 a.m.

The report says this was a “mandatory random drug test”, but you can’t help but wonder how random it truly was. The Black Mamba got really hot really quick, and the Olympic officials must have been taking notice.

All of this being said, let’s keep in mind that team USA was playing Australia, a team with only one significant name on it in Patty Mills. Even still, Mills is not anywhere close to the level of any of the USA players. Had they lost to Australia, or any team for that matter, it would have been an unbelievable disappointment.

I guess this is your gift for scoring 20 points in a half, Kobe! Well, that and maybe a gold medal.

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12 Responses to Kobe Bryant was drug tested after 20 point second half against Australia

  • Its funny because Grant Hill stated that no when he was on Dream Team no one wanted to be leading scorer because they didn’t want a needle to the butt. Everyone knows that besides LeBron the only drug found in an NBA players system will be Kush. I have never seen an athlete like LeBron who it seems will never even have a nagging injury. They say test the Jamacians;No test James for the drugs he is on.

  • r u kidding me they gave KOBE a drug test because he got hot and scored 20 points they must don’t watch him play and get in the zone.

    • I hope that everyone knows that when you are on top of the heap there is always some type of hype. I know that Kobe took the drug test with out a thought of it being anything other than another day at work. GO TEAM USA you are the best team in the World.

    • Really? They must don’t watch? I hope you figure out that the best olympic athletes are drug tested. I would be pretty proud that someone thinks I’m playing too good to be anything but superhuman, which I see your grammar is not.

      • “I would be pretty proud that someone thinks I’m playing too good to be anything but superhuman, which I see your grammar is not.”

        Your grammar is not anything to brag about either.

  • When is BOLT going to be tested?

  • come on, the time to test them is if they failed to score, or had a lousy night of shooting. haha.

  • If you do good and score several gold medals its a big question mark as to how drug free are you..I have never heard any one mention that Phelps should be tested after all those gold medals,but if you are black every one start this oh they must be on drugs to perform so well..you all are bias you can’t judge every one on the behavior of others.so this one did drugs that doesn’t mean every one must be doing why they won several gold medals.

  • All athletes who are elite as Kobe know that testing is just part of the job. Seems like a small price to pay considering all the perks a superstar has for life.

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