Kobe to have a “talk” with Andrew Bynum

  • Andy Flint

It’s no secret that Andrew Bynum has done some questionable things lately. This all reached it’s boiling point when he was ejected from Friday’s loss to the Houston Rockets.

Lakers all-star, Kobe Bryant, plans to have a discussion with Bynum. Can Kobe harness this young fella’s rage, or will the “Mamba’s” words fall on deaf ears?

Kobe has been known to always be a vocal leader, and maybe that’s what Bynum needs. Some guidance from a teammate who has been there, done that.

Kobe Bryant said he would discuss Bynum’s behavior with him.

“The key is to find that balance,” Bryant said. “You don’t want him to lose that edge or lose that rage that he’s been playing with We have to be patient. He’s been extremely productive.”

“I’m disappointed because we told him [before the start of the fourth quarter], ‘You’ve got one technical, don’t pick up your second,’” Mike Brown said. “He acknowledged us and went out and picked up his second when I thought he could have helped us to win the ballgame.”

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